"Promoting confidence, creativity, co - operation and communication whilst exploring the world we live in"

The Drama Department at ‘The Westleigh School’ intends to:

  • Develop individual creativity focusing on developing skills in performing, analysing and evaluating drama and theatre through exploration of themes, texts and dramatic practices. An understanding of the benefits of participation in the arts and a safe environment in which to experiment, explore and develop.
  • To promote core skills in team work, communication and co-operation.
  • To embed Empathy & Sensitivity - understanding the viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters (Fictional and non-fictional). 
  • Allow all students to gain experience and master skills of Evaluation & Appreciation - An appreciation of the ways in which professionals (playwrights, actors, directors, designers etc.) achieve their effects and communicate their intentions to an audience and an ability to evaluate their own and others’ work.  
  • To encourage and challenge all students to think and express themselves with confidence and to encourage tolerance and understanding. 
  • We aim to inspire our students to become reflective and creative individuals that have the confidence to explore and question the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective. 
  • Through drama, we will encourage the students to question and challenge their perception of the world and develop the vital inter-personal skills employers seek such as: Confidence & Communication - A command over their vocal and physical skills to allow them to approach a wide range of public speaking and performance opportunities with confidence. Concentration - working on a variety of challenging projects over extended periods of time. Co-operation – working well with others and striving towards a common goal. Commitment - encouraged to excel when challenged, developing resilience.



In KS3 all students have the opportunity to study Drama within a carousel system. During the lessons, transferable learning skills for drama are taught, as well as giving the pupils a chance to learn and embed key subject specific vocabulary and skills aiming to allow them to understand how they are a vital part of their personal progress and progress towards GCSE. Before the end of Year 9, students will be asked (in consultation with parents/guardians) to decide on their options. Pupils will be advised to continue drama as a subject through to Year 11.


The impact of Drama’s curriculum is measured through:

  • Outcomes for students at Y11
  • Progress and attainment data for current year groups at each Data collection point every Term.
  • Progress towards their Target Grades (FFT20)
  • Engagement in enrichment activities. For example - school performances, theatre trips, in-school practitioners
  • Attendance data
  • Behaviour logs
  • Student voice


Learning Journeys

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Long Term Plans

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“Drama is not a mirror held up to reality. but a hammer with which to shape it.” ― Bertolt Brecht.

Examination Board

The examination board for this subject is Pearson

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