Our intent at The Westleigh School is for the mathematics curriculum to be one which is accessible to all pupils so that it can allow every pupil to maximise their development as a mathematician. In order for this to happen we deliver lessons that are creative and engaging. We aim for the pupils to make connections between mathematical ideas so that they develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and the ability to solve increasingly sophisticated problems with confidence. 
We want children to develop a love of mathematics and to realise that mathematics has a strong connection not only to other academic subjects such as science and geography but also to everyday life in fields including technology, engineering, finance and will feature in some aspect in most forms of employment. As pupils develop their mathematical skills we intend for them to be able to understand how mathematics has for centuries played a key part in solving the world’s most intriguing problems, to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics and to create a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. 


Our schemes of learning are designed to follow a spiral 5 year curriculum. All schemes take into account previous learning at KS2 or 3 and new learning is built upon that previous knowledge. The schemes of learning cover the following areas of mathematics; number, algebra, ratio and proportion, statistics and geometry. Time is allowed for topics to be mastered and for lessons to include deeper learning opportunities such as SSDD. 

In lessons at The Westleigh School there are planned activities every lesson to revisit previous learning to enable retention and develop resilience as well as to enable pupils to progress with new learning. Opportunities to interleave topics are built into the schemes and lessons to develop pupils into resilient learners who are able to apply their skills in more challenging and stretching ways.
Pupils are assessed in a variety of ways in mathematics lessons from AFL strategies to check on progress and understanding to low stakes assessments such as mixed starters, mixed homeworks and skills check quizzes. These are embedded practice and enable pupils to recall and retain knowledge and skills and encourage them to apply them in problem solving and reasoning style questions. More formal assessments are taken 3 times per year and are cumulative to test knowledge and skills taught to date. 


Structuring schemes and lessons in this way will allow pupils at The Westleigh School to develop into capable, resilient mathematicians that are more confident in their application of mathematical concepts in all subjects as well as everyday life. We aim for our pupils to reach their full potential in mathematics making at least their expected progress and be encouraged to study mathematics further. 

Learning Journey 

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“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” —Albert Einstein

Examination Board

Students studying the Higher GCSE Specification will be examined by EdExcel.  Please click to read the EdExcel specification

Students studying the Foundation GCSE Specification will be examined by OCR.  Please click to read the OCR specification


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