Our Westleigh family is at its best when everyone is included and difference is celebrated.


Nationally, did you know that:

· 45% of LGBT+ students are bullied

· 40% of LGBT+ students aren't taught anything about LGBT+ issues in school

· 40% of bullied LGBT+ students skip school

· 52% of LGBT+ students report that bullying has negatively impacted their future educational plans

· 84% of trans students and  61% of lesbian, gay and bi have self harmed

· 45% of trans students and 22% of LGB students have attempted to take their own life


By promoting LGBT+, you are providing students with a voice.


To support this, students are completing 5 activities that help to promote diversity.  There are loads of things they can do -  check the suggestions below


Complete FIVE activities to receive your WoWSER badge

Be a Winner of the Westleigh Schools Enrichment Reward








Pick at least 5 activities and show your Form Tutor before the end of Diversity week. We would also love to share what you have been
doing, so please take a picture and email to