PE Curriculum Intent 

To build on and embed the physical, affective and cognitive skills learned at KS1 and KS2, becoming more competent and confident in their techniques. Students will understand what makes a performance effective and share ideas to improve their own and others performance.
Students will understand the short and long term health benefits of being physically active and will be encouraged to develop interest and confidence so that they are physically active out of school and later in life. 
KS4 will encourage students to tackle complex and demanding physical activities promoting the importance of personal fitness.


KS3 Students have two 1 hour PE lessons per week. The Schemes of Learning are planned to deliver lessons for a minimum of six lessons and a maximum of eight. The students experience a broad range of activities in line with the National Curriculum. There are activities such as football, netball and rugby that our students have experienced at primary school, these are a common thread throughout our curriculum because these are the activities most available to our students within the community. These activities also lend themselves to decision making and team work.  We also teach Dance and offer Gymnastics and Trampolining at extra-curricular clubs so that students can express their own ideas and develop their creativity. These activities also teach students about their social interaction with others. Outdoor adventurous activities develop the cognitive skills and encourages problem solving. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for the progress of others using their affective qualities. 

Our PE curriculum has an inclusive period of inter-class competition so that all our students experience the benefits healthy competition has to offer.  Competition can inspire students to do their best, to research independently, to work well with others, to be inquisitive and learn the importance of sportsmanship. All of which are important in preparing for their future

In KS4 students have one, 1 hour PE lesson per week and similar to KS3 they experience the main thread of activities from invasion games, racket sports, dance, fitness and athletics. We also introduce students to table tennis, kinball and volleyball. In KS4 the activities are planned for a minimum of four lessons and a maximum of 6. KS4 is heavily focused on promoting personal fitness.      


The broad range of activities our students experience in the time they have allow them to learn the skills, techniques and rules in many activities providing challenge and maintaining interest. The leadership aspect teaches students about taking responsibility, planning and being organised. All students will understand the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle and will have developed physically,  affectively and cognitively.

Learning Journey 

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Long Term Plan

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“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”  – Billie Jean King


Examination Board

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